Curriculum Vitae

Deniz Akşimşek


★ = highly proficient

☆ = proficient

no star = familiar

Software: HTML★, CSS★, JavaScript★, TypeScript★, Deno★, Node.js★, Java☆, Dart☆, Flutter☆, Python☆, Redis☆, Flask☆, C☆, Bash, PowerShell, SQL

Fields: Hypermedia systems★, ReST★, Web scraping★, Accessibility★

Vendors: Cloudflare (Workers, KV, Queues, Browser Rendering) ★, Google Cloud ☆, Supabase

Languages: Turkish (native), English (fluent), toki pona


Developer Rebase Ventures, UK


Built UseScraper, a scalable SaaS for crawling websites.

Integrated UseScraper into the company's flagship product UseChat to replace a third-party solution, reducing operating costs and user wait times.

Used the Cloudflare Workers and Google Cloud Run platforms.

Currently developing new features for UseScraper to expand use cases and user base.

Developer (part-time) Commspace, South Africa

Worked on a business automation system for end-to-end testing with Selenium. Work included a Java web framework (Chill Platform) and a custom scripting language.

Intern Commspace


See my other work on my GitHub and Codeberg profiles.


B.Sc. in Computer Engineering TED University, Ankara

Grad. expected

Study included data structures and algorithms, operating systems, relational databases, Java and C, digital logic design, computer networks, digital image processing, digital speech processing. Secondary field: English Language Teaching. Senior project: TEDU Assistant.

Received a scholarship from the Turkish Education Association (TED Tam Eğitim Bursu) through high school and university.

Selected writing

See more on my personal website.